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Matryoshka is a traditional wooden doll that usually consists of several dolls inside each other (same shape, but different sizes). Matryosha was first made in 1890 to show national dresses differencies, but rapidly became popular. Its name is based on popular in the end of 19th century female first name Matryosha or Matryona. We asked Barbara Ana to create special doll in stitches and have to say it was not an easy journey for a spanish designer. But Barbara dealt perfectly! Welcome vivid, contemporary, but still traditional Matryoshka. You can choose one of two different packages: tube or box; or buy downloadable pattern. Tube is more solid and looks gorgeous, but it weighs a little bit more than box, so if you choose one kit and want to save on shipping rate, we recommend to choose box option. Box is made from recyclable carton, light-weighted and also looks great. Please note that our sets (2-3-4 kits in one package) can be bought only in tubes. Pattern gives you full freedom to choose fabric and threads you prefer.      

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