The Tree of Magic

$ 42.30

  Barbara Ana  is famous for her unique design style - magic creatures, vivid colors and so many details. Each her design is fun to stitch especially having top quality materials inside our branded tube. You also get a freebie, inspired by a very famous Russian fairy-tale "The seven color flower". Don't forget to take a look at Christmas tree also, but best deal is to grab both trees as one "Very tree set" and have a nice discount! You can choose one of two different packages: tube or box. Tube is more solid and looks gorgeous, but it weighs a little bit more than box, so if You choose one kit and want to save on shipping rate, we recommend to choose box option. Box is made from recyclable carton, light-weighted and also looks great. Please note that our sets (2-3-4 kits in one package) can be bought only in tubes.

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